If you haven’t already guessed, I’m from Canada. My clients and I laugh all the time aboot (damn it!) a.b.o.u.t how Canadians say that word. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Having fun is a huge part of working one-to-one with me. Hell, we’re solo entrepreneurs. If we can’t inject some laughs into running our own business, why bother?
My Motto:
Janine's motto hanging on her wall which says a snort laugh a day helps keep bad thoughts away.
currently hanging in my office
But don’t think because we’re snort laughing, you don’t get down to the business of learning how to write copy that sounds like you and vibes with your audience. 
You’ll learn pretty quickly, when you work with me, my least favourite words are should and have to. They sound like rules.
I. Don’t. Like. Rules. They pen you in and influence (not in a good way) how you use your voice when you write.
Can’t say I’ve ever remembered anyone because they played it safe.
I’ve worked for multinationals such as American Express and Bank of Nova Scotia, nonprofits and with other solo entrepreneurs.
My two cents?

As solo entrepreneurs, we have the freedom to choose how we say stuff.
Why waste it?
That’s why I use my 10+ years in the copywriting biz to help you kickstart your voice, so you can start writing copy that makes your ideal client choose you.
Talk soon,

PS-Don’t hate on me when you see me rocking a tan in our Zoom sessions. It’s a side effect of saying buh-bye to Canadian winters 15+ years ago and hellooo to living in Spain. 

Cindy Vermillion, CEO of Global Peace Works, is smiling.

Janine can sense in just a few words if what you're writing is truly you. I felt challenged, but not intimidated, which freed my mind to consider new options. Her approach was key in helping me craft the best writing I have ever produced.

Cindy Vermillion
Founder, Global Peace Works