Personality Showdown

I’m gonna start with a joke that’s sooooo bad, only a dad could think it’s funny.

But listen first, and then decide what you want to throw at me. 

Cuz it’s gonna be terrible.

But I promise — it’s useful.  

Joke setup: solo entrepreneur (SE) trying to talk to ideal client (IC)

Knock Knock (SE)

Who’s there? (IC)

I don’t know (SE)

I don’t know who? (IC)

I don’t know who I am when I write. (SE)

And…now you can decide what you want to throw at me. 

  1. a shoe
  2. a chair
  3. your phone

Whichever you choose, I can take it. Because the questions in this 💩 joke shouldn’t go unanswered.

Especially when you want to write copy that sounds like you.

If you want to knock on your ideal client’s door and say, “Can I come in?” ─ you need to know who’s there.

If you can’t answer that, they’re never gonna let you in. 

I’m not talking about a soul search here. So you can stop groaning (yeah, I heard that).

You’ve already spent those ass-numbing hours stuck in a chair coming up with the why and what of your business. So, let’s not go there. 

I’m talking about the other W that still needs some work. 


Who is showing up on social media? 

Who is showing up on your homepage? 

Let’s make that decision easy. Shall we?

Imagine you’re at a function, and you don’t know anyone, but you can’t cut and run. 

You have to mingle 🤮. 

So you take a deep breath and start looking around for someone to talk to. 

You are NOT loving this feeling. 

Finally, you get up the nerve to talk to someone. 

You blurt out a few words — because you have to say something — and they smile politely and walk away.

Yep, now you’ve decided talking is evil and never want to do it again. 

But then something happens.

That glass of Merlot starts kicking in before you bump into person #2.

You’re relaxed and feeling comfortable ─ so you go for it. 

You Say Something

They Nod Their Head

You Say Something Else
They Laugh

Then They Say Something

You Both Nod And Laugh At The Same Time

…and you just keep on talking.

Now, put a name to personality #1 and personality #2.

Why? Because they’re both you when you write copy.

The difference is how you feel when you start the conversation. 

Remember, great copy is about starting a convo with your ideal client. 

Are you:

  1. Feeling nervous and judged?
  2. Feeling confident and (shoulders down) relaxed?

Here, take a look at my two personalities. 

1# Spaghetti Head: chemically straightened and flattened out version of the real me

#2 Curly Gurl: natural unaltered state of my hair AND my personality

Before I moved to Spain, Curly Gurl was who you got. But after a couple of years into expat spouse life, my personality started to take a beating. Going from having my own career to my partner’s job taking centre stage ─ was not a good look for me. Throw in having to communicate in another language (I sucked at) and the real me was toast.

Enter Spaghetti Head.  

When I rebooted my copywriting business, I made sure Curly Gurl was (and still is) WHO shows up and starts talking. 

So ask yourself this: Who’s your audience going to get?

Personality 1 or 2? 

Talk soon,


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