Brand Voice

A cereal box that says 99.9% Janine with no added buzzwords on the front of the box.

Bullshit Bingo Words

If you ever read the word empower in one of my emails, go right ahead and unsubscribe.   I’m serious. I pride myself on being 99.9% BUZZWORD free. Or, as one of my clients calls it: writing without the BULLSHIT BINGO WORDS. Why not 100%? Because it’s impossible. Copywriter or not.  Even bleach only kills 99.9% of the […]

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Two different pictures of Janine Christie side by side.

Personality Showdown

I’m gonna start with a joke that’s sooooo bad, only a dad could think it’s funny. But listen first, and then decide what you want to throw at me.  Cuz it’s gonna be terrible. But I promise — it’s useful.   Joke setup: solo entrepreneur (SE) trying to talk to ideal client (IC) Knock Knock (SE) Who’s there? (IC) I

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Janine Christie, with her hands in her hair, with funny facial expression.

In Real Life

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m not too quick on the uptake with Gen Z hashtags and slang. And you know I love me some slang. I’m old school and use classics like — biatch. I love the word so much, it’s front and centre in my Instagram post on proofreading without ugly crying.  So when

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